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Finding Ways To Meditate After A Long Day Begins With Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Finding Ways To Meditate After A Long Day Begins With Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Stress can be felt all over the body and yoga aims at targeting these areas and relieving tensions as well as training the body to breathe correctly in order to maintain a sense of calm.

Kundalini yoga is a 5,000-year-old authentic system of yoga exercises and meditation that work to promote a clear sense of health and spiritual awareness. Kundalini focuses a lot on breathing.

Through a series of meditative breathing techniques, Kundalini helps to create a state of peace that happens when the mind is calm and silent.

Anyone can meditate and anyone can be successful at learning Kundalini yoga.

Going back to Kundalini meditation, you have to remember that meditation is a time to be with yourself.

The ideal situation for a successful meditation session is to learn to connect your mind to your body.

You want to be present with your own rhythmic breathing. Kundalini meditation has various meditation techniques and we will break a few down for you here.

Kundalini yoga requires you to work on the development of your meditation muscle. Kundalini Yoga Meditation

First things first, you have to maintain Sadhana, which is one of the most important tools for successful Kundalini meditation. Sadhana is a consistent, daily practice of meditative yoga.

Don’t be intimidated by the discomfort of sitting for an extended period of time. You want to maintain correct alignment. Slouching and slacking are culprits of incorrect alignment.

You want to support the natural curve of your spine to support a strong core. You can try sitting on a pillow to raise your tailbone off the floor. This provides the curve in the spine support in order to assist your core structure in maintaining its position.

Keep your limbs supported as well. You don’t want your legs to dangle in a chair, as this puts unnecessary strain on your hips and pelvis.

For a sitting pose with knees elevated, be sure to put a pillow or a blocker under your knees to prevent from hunching over to help the hips keep your knees up.

Warm up your body so that it can withstand the stillness of Kundalini meditation. Preparing your body for meditation involves increasing circulation with movement.

This helps with settling the mind and body in order to get into deep meditation.

Raising energy level for Kundalini yoga can be done with keeping the spine warm. By covering the head in a wrap makes it easier to meditate without any mental distractions.

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